Aljaber Therapeutics

Al Jaber Therapeutics is fully dedicated to the discovery & early development of novel & First-in-class targeted therapies from discovery to clinical validation for indications with high and unmet medical needs in oncology.
Thanks to its Discovery Platform eByl-Discovery®, the company is developing Camelid derived Monoclonal Antibody and Antibody Drug Conjugate up to IND stage in a timely fashion.

Business goal

The main company objective is to develop its drug candidates to advanced development stage in order to maximize their value and enter into out-licensing deals with mid-size and big pharma companies.

Business Field

The company is adopting a strategic positioning in targeted biotherapies market in general and in the treatment of aggressive and resistant cancer in particular.

Mission & Vision

Company’s Focus

  • Targeted therapies against aggressive human diseases (cancer, auto-immune diseases and severe inflammation (unmet and/or high medical need)
  • Innovative approaches to develop therapeutical monoclonal antibodies and their conjugates derived from Camelids as we believe Camelid antibodies will enable us achieving difficult targets
  • Developing pipeline of drug candidates (New Biological Entities (NBE) and Antibody Dug Conjugates (ADC)

Company’s Vision

The company is aiming to be a leader in Camelid-derived Monoclonal Antibody and Antibody Drug Conjugate development up to IND and their application to various therapeutic indications with high and unmet medical needs

Company’s Mission

The company’s mission is to deliver safe and drugable mAb and ACDs ready for clinical trials through the application of efficient discovery and development processes.

Expertise & Pipeline

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  • AJT0001, AJT0002 are Camelid derived monoclonal antibodies directed against two oncogenic factors for solid and hematological cancers
  • AJT0003 is the fusion product from AJT0001 and AJT0002
  • AJT0004 is an antibody drug conjugates (ADC) using camelid derived antibody and a toxin directed against aggressive and resistant cancers
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Camelid Antibody added value

  • No light chains
  • A good specificity and affinity for the antigen
  • A higher thermo and chemical stability than conventional antibody
  • No huminzation step needed, compatibility with human immune system

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Context & Market Description

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Our Scientific Strategy

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Reasons to Invest

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Dr. Abdalla Alnajjar

Serial Entrepreneur and President of Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF). He created recently AccuVisBio which is a young Biotechnology company incubated at Abu Dhabi University and offer services of DNA and RNA extraction and identification

Dr. Ghada Amer

Vice President of Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) with long track record of successful fund raising for scientific projects. She is currently Chief Operating Officer of AccuVisBio

Dr. M. Haitham Ayad

15 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development in several pharmaceutical companies in France, Switzerland and currently in UAE. He is Formulation Scientist (several patents and publications) with important skills in project management of drug candidates

Scientific Advisory Board

L. van Hijfte, PhD.

Chemistry & CMC Expert
Strasbourg, France

V. Dubois, PhD.

Preclinical CMC Expert
Paris, France

J. Quinonero, PhD.

Toxicology Expert
Paris, France

JF. Rossi, PhD., Prof.

Clinical Development Expert
Montpellier, France

K. Berrada, PhD.

Pharmacology Expert
New York, USA

Strategic Advisory Board

M. Lachgar, PhD., MBA.

MBA, COO Invectys,
Paris, France

M. Azoulay, PhD., MD., MBA.

MBA, MD, CEO Biotech
MedPartners, USA

J. Kearcy, PhD., MBA

Drug Development
Expert, UK

F. Veas, PhD.

IRD Institut Director,
Montpellier, France